Ahmet Mergen

What About the Exchange Rates? 

We’re keeping our eyes on the exchange rates. Dollar, euro, cross rates, support and resistance points , fluctuations, FRB's interest rates increase, political stability, economical data, developments in China…

One of the biggest factors that will affect our business is the exchange rates. Ahmet Mergen has been known with his accurate analyses on economics and he will present his predictions of the exchange rates for the near term following the elections and ahead to 2016. 

This session will shed light on these issues and help us in our short and medium term planning.

Destek Securities, Strategist

Ahmet Mergen graduated from the Boğaziçi University, Mechanical Engineering Department. He received a master’s degree in Management Science from Los Angeles West Coast University and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Long Beach State University in 1984. Having carried out different roles in the investment world for 24 years, Ahmet Mergen is the assistant general manager at Destek Securities since 2014. Mergen is the author of  several educational books on Technical Analysis  namely; “Stock Market with Graphics-Technical Analysis”, “ Tangoing with Wolves - Superior Technical Analysis”, “ Wolf Trap ”, “Fibonacci Numbers - A Technical Analysis Method ”, “Ichimoku Cloud”, “Candlesticks’ Mystery” and shares his analyses on money and exchange markets both in printed and visual media.mHe has also contributed in Destek Securities’ social responsibility project of “Informing and Educating the Investors” with his acclaimed book “Support and Resistance, What Do They Mean?”