Mike Taylor

Measuring Customer Behavior in Store and Converting to Sales

The in-store customer behavior, where do the visitors stand, how do they examine products, which path do they follow, which display do they skip, and most importantly how does this all convert to sales?

It is possible to measure customer behaviour as good as in e-commerce, and to analyse these measurements, and create a scientific map to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

An examplary session by RetailNext a leader in the field and Sensormatic, the prominent solutions provider in Turkey. 

RetailNext EMEA Head of Marketing

Mike is a retail professional who has worked in the retail and retail software industries since 1989. He has spent the last 15 years providing strategic consulting for Tier 1 retailers around the world focused on price, promotion, assortment and in-store analytics. Mike started his career working for major UK retailers in front line merchandise and category management roles before moving into solution delivery exclusively to retailers covering merchandise planning, supply chain management & sourcing. His roles included change management, business process re-design and organisational change. Mike currently heads up RetailNext’s European marketing and lives in the UK.

Sensormatic, CEO

İsmail Uzelli was graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management department of Bilkent University and started his professional career in Uzelli Music Company, the first music chain store concept in Turkey. In 1994, İsmail Uzelli established Sensormatic. He has made Sensormatic a leader company in different segments from retail to finance, airports to justice services with the electronic security and business intelligence solutions. In the following years, he established companies Y3K and Bosell. In July 2011, Sensormatic merged with the Swedish Securitas AB, the world leader in security guarding industry. İsmail Uzelli is currently the CEO of Sensormatic. İsmail Uzelli, one of the founder members of GESİDER (Security Industry and Businessmen Association in Turkey) was chosen as the president of the association and continued his role for 4 years. He was also the president of ASIS Turkey (Organization For Security Professionals Worldwide). Moreover, İsmail Uzelli is the member of the associations, AMPD, TOBB, Private Security Group and TÜYAK.