Onur Erbay


Hopi, introduced to the sector representatives on 2014 Retail Days, will be 216 days old on November 25th. Hopi, the app of shopping, became one of the fastest growing  apps; reaching 1 million members in two weeks.

So far, more than 35 merchants designed more than 800 campaigns for 2,5 Hopi members. With Hopi, retailers experienced improvements in many dimensions such as traffic, conversion rate, new customer acquisition, and ticket size.

This time, Hopi will be on the stage with the impact it created. Onur Erbay,  General Manager of Hopi will be on stage, with stats and figures, presenting how Hopi transforms Turkish retail industry; and how the upcoming revolutionary new features will change our lives.

Hopi General Manager

Onur Erbay began his career at Arçelik-LG as Team Engineer. Then he pursued his career respectively at Otokar as Team Leader, and Ontex as Production Systems Manager. After working as consultant in the Chicago office of McKinsey for three years, he returned to Turkey for Rocket Internet. He is the founding General Manager of evimister.com. Before taking charge as the General Manager of Hopi; he worked in San Jose office of eBay as North America Strategies Department Manager. Onur Erbay graduated from Mechanical Engineering department at Middle Eastern Technical University and received his Master's degree in Engineering and Technology Management at Boğaziçi University, and MBA at Wharton School in University of Pennsylvania.