Şenay Küçük Tanşu


Life is changing, clients are changing, and the world’s leading brand Tchibo’s business model, with 1300 stores and 120.000 sales points in 60 countries, is changing as well. The stores take an important part in this change.
The first store of this new business model has been tested in Turkey and is now being spread to the world. Having implemented this, Sinan Kuran, has been serving retailers such as Fiba, Doğuş and Ülker Group with KRN Mimarlık, working with the idea of “bringing people closer to their homes”.
The successful, straight-talking business woman of retail, now based in the headquarters in Germany, Şenay Küçük Tanşu founded Tchibo in Turkey which she made an exemplary success in the world.



Tchibo Gmbh, Non-Food Executive Board Member

Şenay Küçük Tanşu received her bachelor’s degree from Hacettepe University, Department of English Linguistics in 1992. After working in Turkey Hilton Hotels Corporate Sales Office, she travelled to the United States of America for studying retail. Then she continued with her career in retail in Warner Bros Turkey, Zara Turkey and Zara International.

She also completed Digital Commerce education in Harvard Business School and Retail MBA in St. Gallen University. Founding General Manager of Tchibo Turkey, she got promoted by July 2015 as Executive Board Member for Non-Food Business at Tchibo Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

KRN Mimarlık, Founder and Interior Designer

Sinan Kuran graduated from Bilkent University, Graphic Design Department and then studied Interior Design at Mimar Sinan University.

KRN Mimarlık, which he founded in 1999, has been providing a wide range of services in retail, food, residential, office and other large scale projects such as hotels and shopping centers. Combining current trends with personal style, Kuran focuses on natural materials in his designs.

Kuran continues to carry out and win design awards for local and international projects in Turkey, Baku, Moscow, Jeddah and Poland.